LifeWorks Outpatient Services
The mission of LifeWorks Outpatient Services is to assist individuals, couples, and families in reaching improved levels of function through the delivery of outpatient services that: build on strengths; demonstrate each person is valued, respected, and capable of making constructive change; focus on achieving the service outcomes desired by clients and referring agencies; increase their capacity to deal effectively with life’s challenges; and to help clients realize their potential as contributing members of the community.
Changing for Good, a program of Lifeworks Outreach Services, is a specialized multi-disciplined treatment modality for adolescents who suffer from substance abuse/dependence and/or co-occurring disorders. It is our belief that substance abuse disorders are treatable if a person is willing and determined to change his or her lifestyle. Through hard work, dedication, and a sober support network, the clinical process can intervene in the destructive, addictive cycle and restore healthy functioning.

Family Teamwork
The mission of Family TeamWork, Inc. is to assist families in providing safe, stable and nurturing environments for children and youth through home-based services and linkages with community resources and public and private agencies. The name Family TeamWork, Inc. conveys the spirit, as well as the way the staff work together and with the community, to help families obtain healthy, well-balanced environments in which to grow and develop. Highly skilled, caring, and culturally diverse counselors and mentors are the heart of Family TeamWork, Inc.  All staff possess a strong commitment to helping families solve their own problems and gain control over their lives.  Staff bring expertise in wrap-around services to families.

This program provides goal directed skills training and support to empower individuals with significant functional limitations to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. The primary goal is to assist individuals to achieve the highest functioning possible within the community, reducing or eliminating the need for more restrictive psychiatric hospitalizations. Treatment consists of a wide range of services from assistance with daily life skills to financial management, medication monitoring, and the ability to access community resources. The target population is adults (18 years or older) who demonstrate a clinical need for such services arising from conditions of mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that result in significant functional impairments in major life activities.

Lifeworks Outreach Services, Inc.

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"Substance abuse is the elephant in the living room."